If you love running, walking or even you are hill climber and could not find much time to go out and achieve your workout goals. Then elliptical trainer or cross trainer machine is the best indoor workout machine to loss weight. Like most of the people, I used to treadmills, but the elliptical is much lighter on the joints while still allowing for a better workout.

Here are six amazing benefits of elliptical machine workout.

1. Different exercises in one machine

As mentioned above that if you love running then the elliptical machine is best for you. You can simulate your machine into jogging, walking, running and climbing a staircase at multiple levels. You can also monitor your heart rate, your speed elliptical machine improves balance and mobility and helps you regain motion in the hips gradually especially after an ACL surgery. The best elliptical adjusts the intensity of the exercise automatically depending on your heart rate and lets you exercise at a comfortable level.

2. Challenging workout for the whole body

Remarkably your lower and upper part of the body gets worked out with the elliptical machine. When you use elliptical close to all your body muscles it strengthens your bone and formation while more calories burnt within a short period.

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3. Space issue? Or multitask

If your apartment is too small, then there is no issue. Don’t worry some elliptical are designed to fit comfortably in the corner of your room easily. Schwinn A40 is available in a compact shape which can easily adjust in your small apartment. Everyone wants to multitask like if you are jogging on track and you are enjoying the beautiful scenery and music as well, in the room you can’t. If you like to read novels and even wants to watch the latest movies while exercising some elliptical machines allows you to do. You just need to set your exercise preferences on the machine then you let machine do its job as you do yours.

4. Strengthen your bone

If you daily exercise with your elliptical machine, it produces extraordinary results. All of your lower body parts which includes knees ankles and hip joints perform hand-in-hand actions with the movement of the elliptical machine. With weight-bearing exercises, your bone becomes stronger, and it also prevents osteoporosis disease.

5. Reduce your risk of heart attack

Heart problems are pervasive nowadays. People are more focused on daily office-based jobs, and they don’t have time for walking and running. If you daily use the elliptical machine for 30 minutes, it will drastically decrease the risk of heart attack. It also makes you feel active and happy throughout the day.