You need nutrition to maintain a nice shape, to feel healthy, enlightened, and to admire your own reflection in the mirror. Everyone must agree on the matter that a healthy and a well-balanced diet are crucial for becoming a better version of your own self.

However, throughout the day, a portion of salad may not be enough to keep your tummy full and for this reason, nutritional shakes have been invented. Visalus shake is a tasty drink that substitutes a meal and has an abundance of healthy ingredients that make you feel great. A Visalus shake is a drink that allows you to gain the required nutrition without having all the calories.

The company producing the Vi-shakes claims that the shakes reduce cravings, and helps in weight loss. The product also claims that the protein blend also helps to build up the lean muscles and burn body fat but the company fails to present scientific research on their formula in this regard. The ingredients of the Visalus shake contain Tri-sorb protein formula, Fibersol, Aminogen, 26 minerals and vitamins, calcium, and sunflower oil. These shakes are vegan and gluten-free and are suitable for vegetarians.

The fiber found in the shakes prevents hunger and helps in the weight loss strategy. It has low amounts of sugar, calories, and fats but also has some of the inexpensive additives that aren’t best for function.

Benefits and Results of Visalus Shake (Vi-Shake)

Following are some of the benefits of Visalus shakes, also known as Vi-Shake:

  1. Vi-shake helps to build lean muscles to help your body burn fat.
  2. It reduces cravings.
  3. Visalus Shake contains low sodium.
  4. It has less amount of sugar.
  5. Compared to other shakes available, it contains fewer carbs.
  6. It contains heart-healthy protein.
  7. Vi-Shake is Gluten-free and GMO-free.
  8. Best for vegetarians.

Visalus Shake Recipe The Perfect Formula

In all our daily life it is hard to find a perfect time for a truly healthy meal. To provide you ideal nutrition in a couple of minutes, Vi created the Vi-Shape Shake. How much nutrition can Visalus Shake recipe provide in one shake? (A lot).

Let’s take a look in detail below.

If you want daily intake 125 mcg of Vitamin A which you can find in Carrots, Dairy products or Sweet potatoes, 12 mg of Vitamin B12 in Meats, Poultry, Seafood or 6 mcg Vitamin B6 in Fruits (other than citrus). But wait, Do you really take all in one go?

But how much nutrition can really be in one shake?

Vitamins in Beef and Fish, a full cup of orange juice, a cup of beans, raspberries, and Strawberries, But there’s even more.

This Vi-Shape Shake provides probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, all 9 essential amino acids. The niacin of 2 cups of macadamia nuts and the same amount of Folate found in a cup of pomegranate juice.

Phosphorus which required in our daily usage around 1000mg which found in Nuts and seeds, Poultry, Seafood which essential for Energy production and storage and Hormone activation. Regular intake of Magnesium improves Immune function, Nervous system function and helps Blood pressure regulation in our body.

The Visalus Shake is a complete meal replacement that provides you with all of the above nutrition, for less than the cost of a Seafood, non-GMO, gluten and allergen free!

The Visalus Shake provides so many high-quality nutrients its no wonder that it’s called: The Perfect Meal in Every Glass

Easy way to lose weight

You want to lose the extra pounds that you have within 90 days. Obesity is very common in American society; approximately 37% of Americans are overweight. Most of the people get attracted to the product that promises a healthy and quick way of losing weight. But first, you need to set some realistic goal that inspires and motivates you.


  • If you are trying to lose weight, do take 2 VI Shake in a day, and remember we are making fruit Flavored shakes, not fruit shakes.
  • Eat when you are not feeling hungry. Strange haan?  To you keep your metabolism up; you should eat 3 to 5 times a day. As in general you must not starve yourself when trying to lose weight.
  • Consume daily healthy snacks, best is to eat fruits and vegetables, nuts, or additional protein. VI-Shake is full of carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Don’t take too much sugar in your daily routines. A Visalus Shake does not contain sugar, so it is a great start.
  • Take at least 8 glass of water each day. Avoid opting soda or juices because they are heavy in sugar and cannot dissolve without a heavy workout.